The youngest hatchling has apparently died - April 25th, 2017

5:45PM: I was watching the live Hawk cam earlier this morning and noticed there was only movement from the oldest hatchling. At first I couldn't see the younger hatchling at all. The oldest one was active and I couldn't see whether it was obstructing the view of the youngest one or what. 

I noticed last night that the younger one wasn't looking so well (missing throat feathers, not eating much) and I hoped it'd feel better today.

I watched the cam on and off all day today and did see a partial view of the youngest hatchling but it indeed appeared lifeless.

And it seems the third egg is a dud so it is looking like we will have a repeat of last year: Three eggs but only one offspring. Last year there were three eggs but only one hatch.

Sadie on a nest break, Bobby has a drink - April 24th, 2017

There was a lot of nice Hawk action during my Washington Square Park visit today. I was only there for about an hour and a half but it was pretty much non-stop action. 

The first Hawk I saw was Bobby as he sat on the Hawks' favorite southwestern corner building overlooking the park:

He eventually flew into the nest:

Sadie flew past where I was standing and landed on a northwestern corner building:

She sat for a few minutes before circling above the western side of the park then moving north:

She returned to the nest with a fresh plant bough in her beak. I have a feeling she got it from an apartment building terrace because she definitely did not get it from a park tree:

Bobby hopped to the edge of the nest then flew to an eastern building diagonally from the nest:

I saw him dip down to the building but couldn't find him for several minutes. It was driving me bonkers because I could swear I saw him land on that building but couldn't see where. I then saw him poke his head up from the gutter. He was drinking rain water:

It is the same ledge Pip walked along several times during the summer of 2011.

Bobby flew to a tree across from the nest and tugged at a few twigs but never snapped one off:

He preened and generally relaxed in the tree for 25 for minutes. He was even joined by a few birds at one point.

He next flew to the Judson Memorial Church cross:

He then circled higher and higher above the park before flying northeast. I lost where he went. He didn't reappear after several minutes so I left for the day.

Both Washington Square Park Hawk hatchlings get a meal [video] - April 19th, 2017

The video below is a compilation of Hawk cam footage from before and after my visit to Washington Square Park today.

In the video you see Bobby bring a huge rat to the nest for his family. Mama Sadie feeds the two hatchlings a few times over the course of the video.