Washington Square Park Red-tail sightings, weekend in the country - October 21st, 2014

A fellow Hawk-watcher saw one of the Washington Square Park Red-tails on Friday, Sunday and also early today.

I was away for the weekend enjoying some nice fall foliage in the country:

We got to see a couple of Red-tailed Hawks while atop a local mountain that usually provides great views of raptors' fall migration:

The Hawks were soaring above this quiet town:

A little bit of a closeup:

The views from the mountain were pretty amazing:

Close-up of the above view:

Dark-eyed Junco:


I did not get to see either Red-tailed Hawk when I visited Washington Square Park today but did get to see a couple of nice migrating birds.

Common Yellowthroat:

Hermit Thrush:

Two minutes of soaring Bobby - October 16th, 2014

I got to see Bobby for a couple of minutes today. He approached the park from the northeast. It was a pretty dramatic entry. 

He was soaring super high in the sky upon his approach. As soon as he reached the northeast corner of the park he switched from soaring to circling.

He then tucked into a tight position and dove far northward:

Bobby catches and eats a squirrel - October 14th, 2014

Kestrel diving toward pigeons at the Judson Memorial Church cross:

Bobby was chased and harassed by Blue Jays from tree to tree.


He hunted in a squirrel nest but it was vacant:

He spotted a squirrel in a nearby tree and went for it:

He kept his grip on the squirrel with his wings outstretched over the branches for a solid two minutes:

He spent 22 minutes on his meal:

He tucked the remains onto the branch, probably for leftovers since the Hawks commonly stash food on tree branches.

He spent another 10 minutes wiping up:

He then settled into a lengthy preen:

I had been with him for about an hour and a half already so I took his break as a good time for me to slip away.