Bobby and Sadie have been seen regularly lately - August 24th, 2015

I didn't see either Hawk when I visited Washington Square Park on Saturday but fellow Hawk-watchers saw Bobby and Sadie Sunday and today for good stretches of time. 

Current state of the WSP Hawk nest - August 21st, 2015

The Red-tailed Hawks of Washington Square Park haven't been seen much by my fellow Hawk-watchers over the last week except for brief sightings Monday and Wednesday mornings.

One of the Hawks was confirmed seen sitting at the Cardozo Law School this morning as well.

I searched throughout the park for an hour today but did not see either Bobby or Sadie but I did check on the nest. It's looking quite well:

It looks very much like the Hawks have been fortifying and neatening up the structure of the nest.

Hawk update and Snacky Sparrows - August 16th, 2015

A fellow Hawk-watcher briefly saw both adult Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks in the park yesterday, Saturday, so that was good news.

Below are some photos I took of some snacking Sparrows from when I was in the park on the 13th: