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Thank you so much for being a part of my Hawk documentation!

Multiple squirrel deliveries to the nest - May 23rd, 2018

I was watching the live NYU Hawk cam this morning and saw Sadie bring what looked like a freshly-captured squirrel to the nest. She fed some of it to the babies.

I visited Washington Square Park a couple of hours later and saw her bring the same squirrel to and from the nest multiple times during my visit. 

She was first on the Silver Center building when I arrived:

She jumped off her perch 10 minutes later, retrieved the squirrel, then brought it to the nest within a minute:

An added treat to my park visits now is that I can see the babies:

It looked like Sadie was feeding more of the squirrel to the kids.

Bobby circled overhead then landed on one of the Silver Center flag poles:

Sadie took the squirrel out of the nest an hour later:

She flew right above the low buildings along the eastern side of the park. I think she landed on one of them but I couldn't see exactly where. NYU staffers have told me in the past that one of the building tops there was chock full of stashed kills. 

Pollen fell for a minute, looking like light snow fall:

One of the Hawks brought the squirrel to the nest 9 minutes later:

The other Hawk flew in a couple of minutes afterward.

Bobby then flew out: 

It was time for me to go. I left with Bobby back on the Silver Center flag pole: 

Blue Jays bully Bobby to victory - May 21st, 2018

I was a couple of blocks northeast of Washington Square Park when I heard Blue Jays going nuts either in or right outside the park. 

Both adult Hawks were on the east side flag poles when I arrived at the park grounds.



 Watching Sadie from a different viewpoint:

A Blue Jay flew from the south and started dive-bombing Bobby, yelling the whole time: 

Bobby endured them for a few minutes before flying in Sadie's direction:

He flew behind her building then returned 5 minutes later. He flew past the nest then over the western side of the park:

 He circled back, flew over the nest, then continued southward:

Sadie jumped off her flag pole not long after:

 Bobby reappeared on his flag pole:

Sadie came back and looked like she was going to try to land next to him but figured out the perch was a tad narrow:

She flew over the park and disappeared from view.

Her antics reminded me of the time when Rosie landed on Bobby's back for a few seconds years ago

A pair of Blue Jays set upon Bobby again:

The Jays were victorious again. Bobby had enough of their torments so he dipped down then flew into the nest:

Blue Jay giving chase:

Sadie flew into the nest right after him.

Bobby then left the nest and flew to the other side of the park:

He returned yet again to his flag pole after 10 minutes:

 This building is not far from the nest at all (nest seen on the right):

I left the park with Bobby still sitting on guard duty.