Touristy birding break, Bobby and a TSP Hawk - December 19th, 2014

I was tour guide for an out of town guest the last few days. One of the best places we visited was Liberty Island. In all the years I've lived in NYC, I still wasn't prepared for just how massive and impressive the Statue of Liberty was.

Bobby and a juvenile Red-tail had been seen during my days off from birding. Bobby was even spotted perched on a street lamp at Astor Place (a few blocks northeast from the park).

I searched for Bobby in Washington Square Park for close to an hour today but didn't get to see him. I was skeptical I'd see him anyway since I went during a time he isn't usually in the park but it was the only time I could visit unfortunately.

I did however see one of the Tompkins Square Park Red-tailed Hawks on one of their regular perches (the top of Most Holy Redeemer Church on east 3rd Street between Avenues A & B) while running errands:

I think it might have been Christo:

The Hawk flew off of the church after two minutes. That's the way it goes; a mere two minutes could make the difference between seeing a Hawk or not.


A fellow Hawk-watcher reported seeing a Hawk tucked at the Red Roost Inn this evening.

Bobby's long perch before chasing a Juvenile - December 16th, 2014

Bobby perched on the same branch for at least 3 ½ hours today. A few of us Hawkers watched him for about an hour and a half, had lunch, then returned to find him on the same branch as before. 

He stayed on his branch for another hour and 45 minutes before he saw a Juvenile Red-tail, screamed at it a few times, then chased after it.

He had a full crop so it looked like he had just eaten and was relaxing while he digested his meal. It was probably one of the longest stretches of time I've ever seen him spend on one perch.

The sun started to come out when we returned from lunch:

Bobby flew north out of the park to chase the juvenile.

He returned two minutes later:

He spent three minutes on the cross before then flying to the other side of the park to chase the juvenile again.

The young one flew past Bobst Library and southward out of sight:

Bobby had landed on a lower Silver Center railing:

He walked back and forth along the railing a few times before settling on a north-facing section:

We were cold and tired and had to tear ourselves away from Bobby but I did hear later that he had hopscotched around various perches right before roosting time. 

He landed at the Red Roost Inn for a little while before leaving it to find a roost somewhere else for the evening.

Bobby chases a juvenile away from Washington Square Park - December 13th, 2014

I spent 20 minutes watching Bobby relax in the park trees until he caught sight of a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk. He shot right toward it and chased it  away from the park, forcing it northward.


Juvenile on the left, Bobby on the right:

The juvenile made high-pitched cries as it flew near Bobby.


I never got to get a good close-up of the juvenile before it and Bobby flew out of sight.

I had to go for the day but a fellow Hawk-watcher saw a juvenile flying above and around the park about 45 minutes later while Bobby perched on his One Fifth Avenue perch.