High-flying Sunday Hawks - February 18th, 2018

I saw both of the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks during the hour and a half I was in the park today.

They never perched but circled above and around the park from time to time. I mostly saw Bobby:

Another Hawk (who I assume was Sadie) joined him and circled with him until they both flew north away from the park:

On the lower right of the photo above is the Cardozo Law Building perch the Hawks like to perch on sometimes.

You can see this perch from the park (park arch on the right):

It looked like the Hawks were going to be away for a while so I left the park.

A cute Mockingbird I ran into on my way home:

Bobby and Sadie work on the nest, grab sticks together - February 15th, 2018

I was watching the live NYU Hawk Cam this morning and watched while Bobby and Sadie worked on the nest together. I recorded some of the footage when they would pick up the same sticks together.

My stream froze when Bobby initially left the nest but I managed to catch the footage of Sadie flying out.

I later recorded Bobby flying from the nest and swooping through the trees after he had returned to the nest a few minutes later. Enjoy!

Bobby and Sadie mating on this Valentine's Day - February 14th, 2018

A fellow Hawk-watcher was in Washington Square Park earlier today and spotted the Red-tailed Hawks mating.

It was nice news to hear on this Valentine's Day. :) Here's to hoping we have a bountiful brood this spring!