Bobby & Sadie visit the nest then have sun baths - February 7th, 2016

A fellow Hawk-watcher had the delightful experience of watching Bobby and Sadie visit the nest and do some housekeeping. 

The Hawks then perched together or near each other at various spots before settling in for some sun.

I got to Washington Square Park during their resty time.

Sadie in the distance, on her NYU Law School dorm roof ladder:

Bobby was on the Judson Memorial Church cross. I'm pretty sure he could see Sadie from his perch.

Sadie in the same spot but how she appeared from the park:

Bobby left the cross 13 minutes after I had arrived. He flew over the park and continued northwestard:

He returned a couple of minutes later and circled several times above us and north of the park.

 He shared the sky with a circling gull at one point:

Bobby then left the park, traveling northeast.

I left after several more minutes, checking in on Sadie first.

I caught her departing westward:

My friend spotted Sadie back on her ladder perch not long afterward.

TSP Hawk, Bobby & Sadie look after each other - February 2nd, 2016

I saw one of the Tompkins Square Park Hawks on their Village View perch (along 1st Avenue between 3rd & 4th Streets):

Plastic shopping bags get caught in the heat updraft and often swirl around in the 'breeze'.

I searched for Bobby and Sadie throughout Washington Square Park and northeast of the park. 

They showed up at the park 25 minutes after I began my search.

Flying over NYU's Silver Center (at the northeastern corner of the park):

I noticed that Grace Church's spire is visible from the park (I had mentioned the church in my last post):

One of the Hawks landed on an antenna at a building northeast of the park: 

The last time I saw a Hawk there was January 22nd.

Sadie flew over Bobst Library and to her 3rd Street Washington Square Village perch:

Bobby appeared to watch over her:

Cool breezes fluffed up his feathers:

He circled east of the park before disappearing:

I went back to Sadie-watching:

...aaand I missed getting a shot of her leaping off her perch again: 

She circled above the park square before she too disappeared:

Work continues on Sadie's favorite southwestern building:

'Witching hour' Hawk spot - January 31st, 2016

I found Sadie sitting on a regular 3rd Street perch, right behind Bobst Library:

She had a nice full crop:

She stretched and walked across the heat vent cover:

I should have known she was walking to the edge in order to fly off her perch. I just missed her leap:

I lost her after she circled east over Broadway.

I meandered around Washington Square Park to look for her and Bobby but didn't find them.

Since I was visiting during the 'witching hour', when the Hawks leave the grounds for the afternoon, I went northeast to look for them since that's where I've seen Bobby hang out (usually on the Con Ed tower).

I found Sadie first, perched on a chimney heat vent along Broadway and about 13th Street:

Grace Church in the foreground (Sadie in the background):

All of a sudden Bobby appeared, circling overhead.

There is a pigeon flock at Grace Church so he might have been hunting them, I'm not sure.

Passing over a building:


Sadie joined him. They circled for a couple of minutes together.


Thanks to their flying overhead, I was able to get good shots which will help me distinguish them from each other from a distance. They are missing feathers in different places so identifying them should be easier the next several days. 



I think I heard one of them call out to the other in a short exclamation. They then separated. Sadie flew toward the park and Bobby flew south:

I returned to the park but didn't find either of them. That was fine though since I got to see some good action and discovered where Sadie hangs out northeast from the park.