Hawk babies up and flapping regularly now - May 20th, 2015

The Washington Square Park Hawk babies are now mobile enough to step into the middle of the window ledge and flap a bit before returning to the nest.


Marine helicopters flew over the park. A fellow Hawk-watcher informed me that it's Fleet Week in the city, hence the military presence:


The white east-side pigeon was doing well:

Bobby was getting harassed by a Mockingbird for a few minutes:

Sadie left the nest and flew right to Silver:

Bobby and Sadie:

Bobby flew to the nest 3 minutes later:

He left after another 8 minutes:

Bobby and Sadie back in the nest, Sadie on the left with a twig:

One of the kids got some exercise for a few minutes while mom watched over it intently:

The little Hawk settled back into the nest to rest with its sibling.

Hawk kids stand and flap, Bobby & Sadie take extended nest breaks - May 17th, 2015

The Washington Square Park Hawk babies are getting big enough to stand in the nest and practice wing-flapping/stretching. 

I spent an hour and a half watching Bobby and Sadie take extended nest breaks now that the babies are more developed.

Bobby was on the park arch when I arrived:


Bobby seen sitting on NYU's Silver Center:

I had my small point-and-shoot camera with me that helped show the distance between where Bobby was on Silver and Bobst Library:

Bobby flew to Judson Memorial Church's cross:

Off after 2 minutes:


She flew out of the nest 20 minutes later and perched on a building further west.

The little Hawks got up and stretched a bit. They are no longer little white fluff balls!

Neither adult returned to the nest after another 20 minutes so I headed out of the park for the day.

Plants still had their collection of rain water from the night before:

A fellow Hawk-watcher told me later in the day that one of the baby Hawks was seen on the window ledge so they're already doing lots of exploring.

Mellow Washington Square Park Hawk visit - May 13th, 2015

I first saw Bobby circling in the sky outside of the nest when I was a couple of blocks away from Washington Square Park. He dove like a bullet toward One Fifth Avenue.

I caught up with him there:

Sadie was sitting next to the two babes in the nest:

Bobby settled down and sat where he could keep an eye on his family:

Bobby circled over the nest then flew east. That was the last I saw him today.

A youngster came to the window and looked at the Hawks and out over the park for a few minutes:

Sadie puffed herself up and looked the threatening, protective part but she did not move toward the window.

The kid left the window and Sadie relaxed again. Things were pretty quiet so I left for the day.