Bobby and Rosie work on the fire escape nest - August 19th, 2014

It's still too early to tell if Rosie and Bobby are going to use the new fire escape location for next spring's brood but their activity today was a real eyebrow raiser. 

The 'nest' has a lot more material on it since the last time I saw it and Rosie went through great efforts to bring a new and heavy piece to it today. Bobby showed up and help fortify and build up the nest.


Bobby appeared. He is seated on the right:


Rosie working on the nest:

A window washer stepped onto a ledge at the same level as the fire escape but never saw Rosie:

It didn't take long for him to finish up then go back inside.

Rosie flew from the nest and to the railing after a few minutes:

She flew between buildings lining Mercer Street 12 minutes after landing at the base of the water tower:

I found her on a new perch located two blocks further east:

She dove down then came back up with a fascinating piece of metal and spring:

She then hopscotched to a couple of different perches before bringing it to the fire escape:

She brought the material to the nest, set it in place, then went back to the railing.

She panted for a couple of minutes. The piece she had carried must have been pretty heavy and unwieldy for her and tired her out a bit.

She took to the sky again:

Heading southeast again:

She flew back to the fire escape after a couple of minutes:

Bobby flew right after her (he is on the right):


They both worked on the nest for several minutes together:

I hated to do it but I had to leave the two for the day. I left with Bobby still working on the nest material and Rosie preening on the railing:

Neighborhood Kestrel nest - August 15th, 2014

I spotted the Kestrel I've been seeing in my neighborhood lately as he flew across my street when I was walking home yesterday (the 14th). He had been flying from the building I've seen him on outside my kitchen window over the last few weeks. 

It was probably the same Kestrel that was harassing a Red-tail late last month because all of this action has been taking place within a two block radius.

I followed the Kestrel's flight path and spotted him sitting by his nest:

Fuller view of the nest:

I looked for the Kestrels earlier today but did not see any.

There's been regular activity on the Peregrine Falcon's building lately. Sightings have included Crows, Kestrels, and the Peregrine perching and eating up there. I plan on compiling photos of the action in a single post in the near future.

Rosie bringing nesting material to the fire escape - August 14th, 2014

Rosie made it easy for me to find her today. I saw her circling above the street next to her Cable Building fire escape when I was still a couple of blocks away.

She landed in the fire escape four times during my 50 minute visit. She brought a combination of metal and plant material to the site.

She was trying to gather twigs from the roof of the light-colored building a couple of doors beyond the June Kelly Gallery banner:

She didn't snap off any twigs. She flew out of sight but came back with some wire:

She walked toward the base of the water tower then rose up with a sprig for the fire escape:

She circled around and brought the material to the fire escape before I could snap a pic.

I saw her for the last time as she flew behind some buildings to the east.

The supply grows: