WSP fledgling and mama Rosie - July 22nd, 2014

I spent about three hours in and around Washington Square Park with a fledgling and Rosie today.

I saw the first Red-tailed Hawk sitting atop a chimney vent on one of the Washington Square Village towers (apartment buildings a block south of the park). It was overlooking Sasaki Garden (where fellow Hawk-watchers and I observed a fledgling hunting a couple of weekends ago).

I was only able to take a photo from afar at the time because I had to answer an important call so it is a mystery whether the Hawk was an adult or a fledgling. The Hawk disappeared when I took my eyes off it for a second.

I walked through Sasaki Garden but didn't see any Hawks there. I spotted Rosie sitting on NYU's Silver Center building when I approached the park:

I kept hearing a fledgling crying. I finally spotted it sitting on top of Bobst Library.

The fledgling's head peeking up over the roof and a view of the nest below him:

He turned and ran to the corner of the library roof, still crying:

Rosie flew off Silver after 10 minutes. She called out loud as she sailed right above the tree line.

I found her 8 minutes later. She was sitting on NYU's Kimmel Center (across the southern border of the park).

Looking up at the fledgling:

The fledgling continued to beg. 

Rosie then dove into the western park trees a minute later:

I wanted to look for her and see if she caught some food (pigeons scattered near where I thought she may have landed) but I didn't want to miss where the fledgling might go so I stayed put with him.

He dove off the library and flew straight to the Judson Memorial Church cross 20 minutes after Rosie left the scene:

It was then that I could see it was the fledgling with the feather gap in the right wing, longer feather on the left wing (the main way I can tell the two fledglings apart lately).

He sat on the cross for an hour and ten minutes.

I noticed Rosie landing in a tree as I walked in the fledgling's direction:

I was curious to see what Rosie would do next so I skipped trying to find the fledgling and focused on her for the next 40 minutes.

She spent her time cooling down, watching pigeons, and preening.

She was difficult to see with the naked eye. I would not have seen her in her tree from where I was standing if I hadn't seen her land.

I had been standing around for too long in the heat and my back was starting to ache pretty badly so I had to bid Rosie adieu!

Camera-less Red-tailed Hawk sightings over the weekend

I didn't go birding in Washington Square Park this weekend but I did see two Red-tailed Hawks regardless.

On Saturday I heard a Kestrel 'yelling' loudly in the sky over the corner of Orchard and Rivington Streets in the Lower East Side of Manhattan while I was having a stroll with a friend.

I looked up to see the Kestrel chasing an adult Hawk, flying from south to north. The Hawk was crying out loudly too. Of the Hawks in the area, my guess was that it was one of the Tompkins Square Park Hawks since we were only 9 blocks south of TSP (not a far distance at all as far as Hawk flights go and the birds were flying in the direction of TSP).

Then on Sunday a friend and I wound up in Tompkins Square Park without planning to. I spotted one of the fledglings playing on one of the eastern lawns, hopping around and grabbing at sticks and making little dives at the bushes. It then flew to the nearby fence for a few seconds. A few locals who were sitting on the bench near the fledgling's fence looked mildly at the Hawk and continued eating their snack. You gotta love the nonchalance New Yorkers can have over the Hawks sometimes.

The fledgling then flew to the trees at the western side of the park, flew to a building lining the southern border of the park, circled in the sky about five times, then disappeared behind the trees.

I was a little disappointed I didn't have my camera on me during the sightings but overall it was nice to have the break from being a "Hawk blogger" to someone simply enjoying the sight of such cool birds in the city.

Both Washington Square Park fledglings all relaxed - July 18th, 2014

The Washington Square Park fledglings looked very well today. I was with them for about 2 ½ hours. I may have caught them right after eating because they were quite relaxed and preened and rested the whole time.

I found the first fledgling after I had looked throughout Sasaki Garden (a block south of the park) for them in case they were hunting there as one was last Saturday.

I was on my way out of the garden when I spotted one of the fledglings on a building top one street west:

I sat down and watched it from the peaceful garden for an hour and ten minutes.

I was in the green space between the two long Washington Square Village towers:

He finally stood up and began to move further in on the roof so I got up to get a better view.

The view as I stood on the corner of LaGuardia Place and Bleecker Street:

I was standing across the street from the red "A" below:

A Blue Jay flew to the fledgling and dive-bombed him a few times:

It was clear the fledgling was going to stay put for a while so I left it to go search for the other Hawks.

I found the other fledgling preening atop NYU's Education Building right when I turned the corner of LaGuardia Place and Washington Square South:

I would have liked to have stayed longer but I had to leave the park 25 minutes after spotting the second fledgling.