Spring-like Hawk day - January 19th, 2017

We got a taste of spring today with temperatures reaching almost 50 degrees. Both Sadie and Bobby Hawk were in great form palling around together and flying around Washington Square Park.

One of the Hawks was on One Fifth Avenue when I arrived:

I saw the other Hawk flying low over the park trees so I went to look for it. Pigeon flocks panicked so I knew it was around but didn't see it again until it joined the other Hawk atop One Fifth Ave 10 minutes later.

Bobby looking out over the realm, Sadie tucked behind him:

Bobby flew off and circled around the northern side of the park a minute later:

Bobby then flew to the back of the building and sat at the northwest corner:

Bobby on the left, Sadie on the right:

It was Sadie's turn to fly next. She flew off a minute after Bobby landed on the back side: 

Sadie flew to the street one block south of the park. I tried to find her but she gave me the slip.

Returning to the park, Bobby still on the back corner of One Fifth:

Ah, Sadie had landed on her favorite southwestern building!

Over the next couple of minutes Bobby landed on a building a few doors north of her then they both dispersed and went their separate ways. 

Bobby went northeast while Sadie flew due north.


I left the park half an hour later and spotted Bobby as he flew overhead when I was a few blocks southeast of the park.

It was a nice bonus sighting to cap my visit:

One Hawk follows the other on this sunny winter day - January 15th, 2017

I was only with the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks for about 45 minutes today but got to see some nice sunning and flights.

Both Hawks were on their favorite perch atop One Fifth Avenue when I arrived (Bobby on the left, Sadie on the right):

A Raven flew over the park, calling out intermittently:

Sadie watched it keenly:

Both Hawks continued to sun and relax.

This Sparrow was in the tree across from me, trying to take a nap:

We have had new snow showers recently. Some plants heavy with snow:

Bobby rustled then hopped off his perch and flew northeast from the park:

He had a nice full crop so it was obvious he had eaten recently:

Someone was walking one of the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen in the park:

Sadie leapt off and followed Bobby 8 minutes later:

She disappeared northeast too.

I looked for the Hawks several blocks from the park but didn't see where they went.

Sadie and Bobby Hawk fend off a Kestrel - January 11th, 2017

My hour-long visit at Washington Square Park today was pretty uneventful at first.

Sadie rested on a favorite northwestern building for a while before heading west:

I saw that she went a block west of the park so I started to head over to look for her. Out of habit I turned around to look at One Fifth Avenue and spotted Bobby sitting on its northwest corner when usually he and Sadie sit on the southeast! It was a treat to see him in this new spot:

I'm sure I've seen him on that particular ledge before but it's been so long, I don't even remember.

I got closer to take some glamor shots of him:

He tucked into a steep dive and zoomed to the buildings at the southern border of the park:

It was there where he and Sadie flew around with a Kestrel that was defending its slice of Manhattan.

Bobby and Sadie: 

The mighty Kestrel:

It really wasn't much of a fight. The Kestrel followed one of the Hawks to the eastern side of the park before moving on.

Sadie dove toward the building complex a block south of the park:

It's a good perch to hunt for pigeons from. She eventually moved to the second building in the complex to soak up other heat:

She wasn't going anywhere anytime soon so I left for the day. I saw Bobby hopscotch from one water tower to another when I was a couple blocks east of the park which was fun.

A regular park-goer told me he saw one of the Hawks visiting the nest around 11AM today!