Rosie in the Washington Square Park trees - September 15th, 2014

I looked for Rosie and Bobby Hawk late yesterday but didn't find them but we did have a lovely sunset.

I had great luck today and got to spend ten minutes watching Rosie in the northwestern park trees.

I followed frantic Blue Jay calls which led me right to Rosie's location:

I tried finding her again but was unsuccessful.

Sunning beauties:

Snacky Sparrow:

Dearth of Hawk sightings, fire escape looking sparse - September 12th, 2014

I've looked for the Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks three out of the last five days but did not see them.

A friend saw one of them outside the eastern border of the park earlier this morning so that was good news.

I took photos of the Cable Building fire escape during my search today and saw that it's looking more sparse.

Some material that used to be on the top floor's level is now lying on the level below:

Whether it fell or not is anyone's guess right now but the lower material didn't look purposefully arranged.

The state of the top level:

Bobby and Rosie at WSP and the fire escape - September 7th, 2014

Rosie and Bobby were seen first at Washington Square Park this morning by a fellow Hawk-watcher. One or the other spent a little time on the Judson Memorial Church cross, NYU's Silver Center building, Rosie visited the Bobst Library nest, and then they both headed toward the Cable Building fire escape.

I caught up with my friend and the Hawks several minutes later. I got to see Bobby on the fire escape railing just before he took off and circled above the building:

I noticed Rosie on the building next to the Cable Building:

She watched Bobby fly around:

Bobby joined her a few seconds later: 


They then both took off and headed south and out of sight.

The state of the material on the fire escape: 

They both reappeared, circling the sky a block south of the fire escape 14 minutes later. I only managed to photograph one of the Hawks at a time but they circled close together during a few turns.

One of the Hawks flying over the building where Rosie gathered nesting material on August 14th:

They then disappeared for good a couple of blocks south of the Cable Building. My friend and I waited a bit for their return and looked for them in Washington Square Park for a few minutes but knew deep down they were out and about on their own adventure elsewhere so we departed.