Bobby sunning then defending his turf - January 30th, 2015

Bobby was resty for the majority of my Washington Square Park visit today.

I first saw him atop One Fifth Avenue:

He often suns for a long stretch before sunset:

He flew down to the western part of the park after 40 minutes:

We lost him for 5 minutes until he showed up circling above the park then landing on a building along the southwestern corner of the park:

He spotted something in the distance and moved toward it 2 minutes later:

He screamed several times as he flew toward whatever was distressing him:

He circled above whatever he didn't like for a bit and then landed on One Fifth Avenue again:

We didn't see what he was yelling at but the only times we've heard him carry on like that was when he was confronting another raptor.

We only watched Bobby for another half hour because it was clear that he had resumed his rest mode and it was getting too cold outside for us to carry on comfortably.

However he was seen at the Red Roost Inn later.

Bobby doing well after our latest snow storm - January 28th, 2015

It had been a week since I last visited Washington Square Park to check in on sir Bobby Hawk. It was great to see him again and to see he was doing well after the recent snow storm we had.

He flew by me and attacked a flock of pigeons on a building cornice (without catching one) then flew right into his Bobst Library nest:

He only visited the nest for a few seconds before he flew back out and circled above the eastern side of the park:

He then perched atop One Fifth Avenue:

I couldn't stay for more than an hour today but took a photo of the nest before leaving. 

It still had some snow in it but it held up remarkably well after the blizzard-like gusts we had a couple of nights ago:

Bobby's relaxation before bedtime - January 21st, 2015

I spotted Bobby on one of his favorite building perches as soon as I rounded the corner a few blocks from the park.

The Bobst Library is on the left, then the Judson Memorial Church tower, then Bobby atop his building:

He flew off his perch after 15 minutes, heading southwest toward 6th Avenue. I looked along 6th for him but didn't find him so I returned to the park.

We were treated to a lovely sunset that glowed on 5th Avenue.

View of 5th through the park arch:

Sometimes I forget just how much traffic rolls down 5th Avenue toward the park: 

I was talking with a fellow Hawk-watcher when I saw Bobby's huge shape glide along the western trees and come to a stop at the Hangman's Elm at the northwestern corner of the park:

He had been gone for almost a full hour.

A squirrel challenged him at one point but Bobby wasn't tolerating it:

He then flew to bed after having perched in the tree for a little less than an hour: