Multiple nest visits, quiet Hawkery - August 3rd, 2015

A couple of Hawk-watching friends saw at least one of the adult Washington Square Park Red-tailed Hawks visit the nest yesterday. There were multiple nest visits. One of my friends definitely saw Sadie in the nest at one point.

My visit to the park today was not so lucky. I didn't see a single Hawk during my outing.

The weather will start cooling down in a couple of days so I'll be able to spend a little more time looking for them.

Squirrel on a rat trap (snap trap) this morning:

Sadie harassed by a Mockingbird - August 1st, 2015

A fellow Hawk-watcher and I had been looking for the Washington Square Park Hawks for nearly an hour and a half with no sightings until another friend alerted us to a Hawk a few blocks north of the park. 

The Hawk was Sadie, sitting atop the same building the Hawk-watcher saw her and a fledgling on two days ago (the 19 story Cardozo Law School). The Hawks tend to gravitate to this building year after year. It is not surprising though since it is quite tall and provides a clear view down 5th Avenue so the Hawks can keep an eye on Washington Square Park and the surrounding area.

We watched her perch and get harassed by a Mockingbird for 17 minutes before she flew eastward:

The Google Maps screen shots below display where the Law School building is in relation to the park:

Lost and found: