Double post: Pics from my September 17th & 20th outings

I didn't see either Washington Square Park Hawk on Sunday the 17th but I was not out for long and a fellow Hawk-watcher has seen both adults over the last several days.

The park flowers are quieting down and dying back:

A leucistic Robin was hanging around in some thick bushes:


September 20th: Today I found no Hawks in the park but did see who I think was Sadie northeast of the park, above Broadway and 11th Street.

I had been walking east on 10th Street when I heard a Blue Jay giving out its warning cry while it was on an apartment building at the intersection of Broadway and 10th. I followed its sound and waited and within seconds the object of its distress flew past:

The Hawk continued westward. The Blue Jay kept calling out and sure enough I saw a second raptor, what I think was a Merlin:

It circled a few times over the same stretch of sky the Hawk had traversed before it too flew westward.

I went west myself to check on the Hawks' regular northern perches and in Washington Square Park itself but didn't find the Hawk(s) again.

*Bonus Pics!* Washington Square Hawk baby the day before her fledge. Pics from June 9th, 2017

I had promised on fledge day that I'd post these photos sometime and the time has come! These pics were taken during the long Washington Square outing I had the day before she made her mighty fledge. The pics were taken over the course of six hours.

Watching mom on One Fifth:

Time for some jump-flapping:


Looking out intently. Is this the moment of her fledge??


Sunset marks her with a yellowing glow:

Sunset through the trees:

Quiet ledge as night falls:

Mama Sadie Hawk sits guard on the perch nearest the nest:

Off to bed:

A flash of Bobby and a darling Redstart - September 12th, 2017

I visited Washington Square Park early today and got to see who I'm pretty sure was Bobby fly into the northwest trees. I was looking at the northwestern trees when he silently flew from over my left shoulder and into the trees. As he flew I thought, 'Huh. That's a very big bird. Oh, a Hawk!'

He flew right into the foliage. I was sure he landed in that particular tree but I couldn't find him so I guess he gave me the slip.

I looked through the park then north and east of the park for a couple of hours but no dice.

I visited the park and surrounding area last Saturday but did not see either of the Hawks.


After my park visit today I got to enjoy the company of a female American Redstart a couple of blocks from the park:

She had a few tussles with another female:

They took their fight to different bush clusters:

She flitted about on the ground, curbs, and bench:

I was in a secluded spot so she was free to hop around unabashed. Of course, I could have been looking at both females at different times.