[Updated] Bobby catches a squirrel, feeds Sadie - October 1st, 2015

Bobby appeared on the Judson Memorial Church cross about 45 minutes after I had arrived in Washington Square Park:

It took several minutes but I finally found him in a western tree:

Bobby spotted a new squirrel in the distance:

The squirrel was obviously dead within seconds.

He ate for 20 minutes (which is a typical length of time for him):

Bobby took to the sky and circled above the western side of the park to show Sadie his catch:

Sadie caught up with him and circled with him.

The Hawks scared up the western pigeon flock (Hawk in the distance):

Bobby brought the squirrel to the top of One Fifth Avenue 2 minutes later:

Sadie followed right behind him:

Bobby cleaned up then left the food with Sadie:

Sadie relaxes atop Cardozo for a few - September 28th, 2015

I spent a little over an hour in Washington Square Park today looking for the Red-tailed Hawks. 

One of Bobby's favorite branches had snapped off:

Sadie was perched atop Cardozo Law School as usual.

Seen way in the distance past the park arch:

She looked pretty relaxed so I left her to look for Bobby in the park again.

I noticed that Sadie was gone from Cardozo after a few minutes.

I saw a Hawk flying toward One Fifth Avenue 15 minutes after I had left Sadie but I couldn't confirm which Hawk it was:

It circled a little bit before flying behind One Fifth:

I searched for either Hawk again but didn't find them.

Chewed-up rat trap cover:

The nest with its bits and bobs: