Quick peek at a Hawk on a chilly wet day - December 12th, 2017

It was chilly and cloudy in the city today with intermittent showers. The snow in Washington Square Park has almost completely melted:

What used to be a snow man:

The park arch pigeons were all panicked but I couldn't see a raptor:

A Hawk appeared over the northeast area, circling a few times before heading further northeast:

I might have seen the Hawk for one minute tops. It was better than nothing! 

I was sadly under-dressed for the elements and more rain was imminent. I had a feeling the Hawk(s) wouldn't be back for a while anyway so I rushed away while I could.

The darkened noontime sky:


A fellow Hawk-watcher spotted both Hawks sitting together on the southeast corner building a few hours later so it was good to hear they're doing just fine.

Sunny day snow Hawks - December 10th, 2017

NYC got a few inches of snowfall yesterday which made for beautiful sights in Washington Square Park this morning before it melted too much:

 The Hawks' southwestern perch:


I had been at the park for around half an hour when I saw Sadie flying a block west of the park, seemingly headed toward the southwestern building. I moved to a good vantage point and found her freshly perched there:

Bobby flew from west to northeast 10 minutes later. He was flying so high, he appeared as barely more than a speck as he flew past One Fifth Avenue:

 Sadie left her perch and disappeared 10 minutes later herself:

Neither of the Hawks returned after another 35 minutes of waiting around and I had errands to run so that wrapped up my Hawking for the day.

Tompkins Square Park female Hawk treated for injury, new female takes her place! December 9th, 2017

It will be interesting to see if Dora fiercely defends her territory and chases the new female away when/if she's released back in the park. 

This all reminds me of when Washington Square Park's Rosie (Bobby's second mate) arrived the day after Violet was rescued for her own rehabilitation

Old followers of my blog are aware but unfortunately Violet passed away post-surgery. It was all bittersweet though because his new mate Rosie was a great companion for Bobby (and was a wonderful character in her own right) until she disappeared from the park under mysterious circumstances. The last time I saw her was in September 2014. 

Bobby's third and current mate Sadie arrived at Washington Square in February of 2015.

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In Washington Square news, a fellow Hawk-watcher saw both Hawks in the park on this snowy day in NYC.