La MaMa Galleria visit, 04/03/11

I've walked by this gallery many times at 6 East 1st Street (bet. 2nd Ave & Bowery). Here's a link to their site:

Today I stopped in and was greeted by the sweet young man behind the front desk. I asked and he said it was ok for me to take photos of the work. The exhibit was a one-artist display of Virginia Poundstone's "Pumping Liquidity into the System". It was a great mix of nature against the backdrop of slightly-decayed and graffitied man-made structures (a favorite theme of mine!). The artist set photos of nature onto vinyl and steel and set them in concrete. She also strategically placed prints of greenery against backdrops of the graffitied Nada Tunnel (located in Kentucky). These were really cool pieces and I was glad I finally took a look around this gallery. The exhibit ends on April 9 so check it out soon!