5th Annual Dance Parade, May 21 2011, NYC!

I was lucky to see the 5th Annual Dance Parade yesterday! It was a parade of 159 dance troupes from all over the country (although most appeared to be from NYC). The parade is organized by: http://danceparade.org/EE/

The parade started at 21st Street & Broadway and ended at Tompkins Square Park in the East Village. At Tompkins Square Park were lots of dances and lessons. I only watched the parade portion of the festival. My photos below were screen shots taken from all the video footage I took. The video files were too large to upload so I hope my photos suffice to convey how fun and wonderful the parade was! My viewing perches were at St. Mark's Place and Astor Place. Here is a sampling of the photos... 

There are lots and lots of photos to see after the jump (and you can always click on any photo to enlarge it). :)  Enjoy!

This guy was dancing so smoothly in the sound truck!

This lady sat on the ground seemingly exhausted.

But then she pulled herself partially up, popped into this great move, then stood right up to skate away. She rocked!

Most of the cops seemed to be having as much fun as the spectators!

What an angel!

Cool that I caught the camera flash on film: