My own little Red-Tailed Hawk update

So! I went to Washington Square Park today to have another look at the red-tailed hawks' nest at Bobst Library. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of one of the hawks flying to or from the nest but no such luck, I'm afraid. But it was fun to have another look at their handy work.

I sat on a bench in decent viewing of the nest and the sky above in case I could capture one of the hawks in flight (I set my camera to video recording mode in anticipation). No sign of either one of them in flight but I kept my head on a swivel as it were to keep on the lookout. I scanned the buildings nearby and hey! There was one of the hawks! I couldn't tell if it was Bobby or Violet but no matter, it's a red-tail!:

The hawk swooped down to catch some prey on or low to the ground but moved so fast, my camera didn't pick it up in time. 

As I kept vigil, a guy came over and sat right next to me and faced the nest immediately. I had to ask if he were there to see the hawk nest and he said he was! A fun conversation all about bird-watching in the city and beyond ensued (Hi, Ian!). We looked and waited for any hawk to appear for another half hour or so but were unsuccessful. No matter, it was just fun to have a rapport with a fellow bird lover! After a few more minutes I bid my companion adieu and headed home. 

On the way, I walked directly under the nest to photograph a purely street level view:

Wouldn't you know it, about a half hour/40 minutes later when I was back home I checked out the hawk cam (link here: and within about a minute, one of the hawks flew right to the nest. Ha!

Screen shot of the moments after the hawk returned below. Changing of the guard and still no hatched eggs: