NYU Red-Tailed Hawk After First Chick Hatch, May 6 2011

As I posted here - http://rogerpaw.blogspot.com/2011/05/one-of-red-tailed-hawk-eggs-has-hatched.html, Bobby and Violet's first chick hatched this morning!

See the New York Times's full coverage and updates about the nest and the hatching here: http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/04/06/hawk-cam-live-from-the-nest/

Hoping to see either of the parent hawks in person, I headed down to Washington Square Park after work today. I didn't get great shots of the hawks or nest but they were better than nothing. :) 

Please forgive the quality of my photos. I just don't have a powerful enough zoom. I'm only posting them because I think it's so cool to know that there's a newborn in the nest being tended to in these shots:

I met the owner of the blog UrbanHawks who had a fantastic camera set up on the edge of the park by the arch. The camera had an impressive scope on a tripod. He was filming zoomed-in footage of the nest. Check back to his site for his uploaded video!

Later this evening, someone from inside the window was tinkering with the settings of the night vision feature of the hawk cam. Seeing the movement going on, Violet (safe to assume it was her) got spooked and instantly went into a threatening and protective stance. Soon after the tinkering was over, Violet settled down for her nightly snooze.

Screen shots I took around 10:15 tonight:

The chick is on the right, curled up to the remaining unhatched eggs: