Secret Garden Friends

I happened upon this neighborhood community garden today while out enjoying a walk. It was very quiet and mellow and had many small bird friends to admire. On the way out, I noticed a sign saying some of the plants were for sale! I bought a few and spoke with a couple of the women working in the garden. One of them asked me if I lived in the area and would like to join their group. I jumped at the chance! My apartment is loaded with plants. I love gardening. I had been wanting to join a community garden for a while and now's my chance. Sweet!

Tiny, narrow paths 

It was so quiet and peaceful sitting on this bench and admiring the birds and foliage

Broken bits in the corner. Not trash but nicely tucked-away bits (perhaps keeping rats out?)

Fantastic art by the exit/entrance

Ohhh.. a gold fish pond!

Here are the plants I bought from the garden

And here they are after I transplanted them into bigger pots. Welcome home! I'll take photos of them over time to see how big they get