Today in jaw-dropping views

My company rents this floor that overlooks Central Park. I used to work on this floor but due to expansion, my group and I were moved to a smaller building around the block. Grr. Now, I only make it to this floor when I get a few minutes to steal away from my desk (which is rare). Luckily, I found some time to take these great photos today:

Many things going on here: Woman getting off a bus, lady dressed as the Statue of Liberty..: 

More photos after the jump! Click "Read more" below to see them. Trust me, they're worth it. :)

Sorry I wasn't able to rotate this image. Looking down at the Apple Store (glass cube on right):

Zoomed in, some ducks in a pond:

Hey, are you taking a photo of my building, kiddo?

Pale Male's nest in the center (sorry it's so difficult to make out but if you know what to look for, you can see it):

Sure must be nice to have such roof top seating!

Terrace envy:

Ew, astroturf? Really?

I just had to zoom into these gargoyles:

Imagine living here?