A Tree Grows on Broadway

Taking a walk down Broadway a few blocks North of Houston Street, I took some photos of the impressive architecture as I usually do but today for the first time I noticed something new.

I liked the figures on the faces of these buildings so took a grand photo of them before zooming in to enjoy the details. 

It was here when I noticed this tree growing near the top of one of the buildings:

Zooming in, I couldn't tell if the tree was a potted tree growing on the ledge or if it was a tree that bloomed there from a wind-blown seed that took root in the granite and was watered by the rain and warmed by the sun:

I definitely think the tree took root by dint of wind, sun, and rain. There are no windows in the vicinity so it doesn't look like a person could have set the tree on the ledge in a pot and been regularly taking care of it. I sure hope no one sees it and decides to hack it out from its footing.