Violet and Pip ledge happiness

It's been a while since I've stopped by the red-tailed hawk nest at Bobst Library at NYU. The last time I wrote about the hawks, Violet seemed to be in mortal danger due to her swollen foot. The crisis has passed so it seems and Violet, baby Pip, and dad Bobby are all doing well!

I took video and photo footage of all three birds today from my bench in Washington Square Park. Here are some photos of the birds to enjoy until my video footage of the birds are edited and uploaded. ;) Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Library to the left and Judson Church to the right:

Bobby on top of the Judson Church tower:

Violet atop the nest:

Violet tending to the nest while Pip stretches her wings!

Pip peeks over the edge of the ledge:

Violet about to fly off the nest:

Pip alone:

Obligatory shot of the arch across the way from the nest (nice bird in the center):