Hawk Family Visit, June 25th, 2011

It was a good day of Pip-watching today. A good number of happy Pipsters and friends showed up to see if Pip would make an appearance. She did not disappoint. Before I arrived, she was seen eating on the top of a parapet on the new building she spends most of her time on. 

After I arrived, I got to see Bobby picking away at a freshly-killed pigeon then take it to a nearby rooftop for further butchering before bringing it to Pip to enjoy. Pip took a good ten minutes or so to finish her meal.  I took some video footage of Bobby with the pigeon and Pip eating it. The footage will appear in follow-up posts. For now, here are some photos from today!

A block from the park was a cardinal and nest! My goodness, this was a nice surprise!

Bobby on one of his favorite perches on the tower of One 5th Avenue:

Oops, false alarm.. not a hawk but an osprey. Still, any raptor will do! :)

Bobby atop his freshly-killed pigeon. Well done, dad!

Perhaps wanting a more secluded place to finish off and cut open the pigeon, Bobby took his kill to a higher building in the area:

Pip eats her recently-delivered meal: