Pip and family. Visit on June 24th, 2011

A group of regular Pipsters were with me early this evening to see how the family was doing. Well, they were doing great! Mom and Bobby watched over little Pip as she walked along her building top, flapped around, and flew short distances. Violet spent most of the time on a building overlooking Pip's perch while Bobby spent most of the time further West in the park. Bobby soon showed up to hunt for dinner. He swooped into the park trees, then landed on the ground right in front of us to grab a rat. He took the rat to a nearby tree, killed or maimed it, then flew it right to where Pip had retired. Below are photos for now. The video footage will be posted in an upcoming post!

New big, wide, perch to enjoy:


Pip enjoying a wing stretch:

Pip peeking at the world below:

Pip flew to this higher ledge (video footage of this flight to come in an upcoming post):

Violet was spotted below this water tower. Look closely; she is sitting on the green roof adjacent to the water tower ladder. She had her eye on Pip constantly:

Violet preens:

Some of us having a look at Violet:

Bobby lands in a tree nearby just before catching rat dinner for Pip: