Pip hop-flapping & Welcoming Bobby onto the Ledge

A double video post! Earlier this evening I filmed Pip hopping and flapping away for exercise and practice then welcoming Bobby as he flew onto the ledge.

This first video is a collection of multiple hops and flaps: 

She should fly off the ledge (or "fledge") for the first time by the end of the month!

In the beginning of this second video, you see Pip notice something in the distance. She lowers her head as her father Bobby flies to and lands in the nest. Several seconds after he lands, she rushes over to him to sit by his side (hoping for a snack? Or just happy to see him?). After preening for a few seconds and checking out the remains of a meal he had left for her earlier in the day, Bobby takes off once again.

The original footage was over two minutes long but for the sake of file size, I clipped the film down to the length you see here. Enjoy!

A feather at the top of Pip's head is sticking out like a mohawk. As I joked in the nest web cam chat room, should we rename her Mo Hawk? ;-p

Hi, Pip!

Where all this magic happens: