Pip hopping & flapping in the rain - June 22 2011

Footage I took of Pip the red-tailed hawk enjoying a rain shower. Please forgive the shaking of the footage; I was holding an umbrella in one hand while holding my camera in the other (during a downpour!). :)

At first I was only taking photos of her dancing in the rain but soon started filming once I saw she would be at it for a while.

After Pip got her kicks hopping/flying about on the ledge, she settled down for a preen just in time for the rain to let up and the sun to come out again. She got a nice bath, that's for sure.

Note that at the 28 second mark, she flies the entire distance from the far end of the ledge to the nest.

**Update: I'm happy to report that my video made it on the New York Times' City Room Blog which is following Pip's progress: http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/06/23/hawk-cam-watching-pip-with-great-expectations/