Pip Nest Visit. Pip Flaps and Hops! June 12, 2011

Some of us red-tailed hawk cam lovers returned to Washington Square Park today to check out Bobby's, Violet's and Pip's nest. We only saw Bobby for a minute but got to see Violet and Pip in all their glory. :)

It was mid-morning when I first managed to catch footage of Pip flapping her wings. She's been bolder with her flapping recently as she strengthens her wings in preparation for her first flight and life in the air. 

Please forgive the shakiness of the footage. I didn't think I'd need to bring a tripod with me today but clearly I will need to bring one next time I attempt to film the nest.

Flap one:

Later in the afternoon, we saw her practice her wing flapping again. You can tell by her flapping that she is not yet strong enough to fly.

Here is "Flap two":

How cute is she!?!??

Violet stood guard on a building nearby as Pip practiced her dance: