Pip Sighting - new playground for little Pip - June 28, 2011

Today we spotted Pip on a new building top near the park. She was relaxing on some scaffolding before she began to explore the new area for a few minutes. At a few points some kestrels harassed her with some near dive-bombs but she took it in stride. She only seemed slightly annoyed. She meandered to other areas of her building top and stopped from time to time to preen and stretch.

We did see one of the parents (we think Bobby) swooping over the park and the couple of buildings she's discovered over the last few days. Although at times we didn't see either of the parents, it was obvious they always had their eye on her because eventually, one of her parents swooped to her new building to join her and then lure some kestrels away. It was already too dark to continue photographing and video recording at this point so we fellow hawk-watchers bid each other goodnight.

As Pip explores larger areas, it is becoming more difficult to locate her. Don't be surprised if I get no footage from time to time. In those cases, I'll upload bonus footage from previous visits.

Down yonder sits a young red-tailed hawk:

A preen at sunset:

Off to a new ledge:

Don't worry, Pip is sitting behind the net scaffolding, not within:

Yet another hop and flap to a new perch:

Good night, Pip.