Violet and Bobby, Sunday June 26, 2011

Pip didn't appear much on Sunday but Bobby and Violet were in plain view most of the day. We got to see them engage of lots of soaring and sitting. Most of the soaring was done by Bobby when he was luring dive-bombing kestrels away from Pip. They weren't a threat to Pip; but they were too close for comfort I suppose and so Bobby led them far away from her whereabouts. They were dive-bombing him and yelling at him for minutes at a time either because he and Violet were near their own nest or were within their personally-set territory. Since following the hawk family, I've seen so many other birds vocally and physically protecting their own little pipsters. Despite Bobby's and Violet's massive bodies and power in relation to them, the other little birds did not hesitate to bully B and V. Such is the power of a parent's love.

Violet with an errant feather poking from her head:

Violet and Bobby enjoy perching on the roof of this NYU building. It offers a great view of the park and Pip's location:

One of the hawks on top of an antenna (cellular? Satellite?). Another favorite perch: