Hawk Family Visit - July 1, 2011

It was a very active day on July 1st for Pip, Bobby, and Violet. Sunset is definitely turning out to be the busiest time of day for the hawks. Tonight supported that theory. We witnessed Bobby catching, killing, delivering, and eating a pigeon. All three hawks took their turns eating it. Pip was seen flying from building to building with great proficiency. She is now a proper hawk and not the coddled baby we are so used to her being. I took video footage of most of the activity (to be edited and uploaded soon). Without much more ado, below are the illustrations to today's adventures:

Bobby the great hunter in a tree at the East edge of the park with a fresh kill:

Bobby had caught this pigeon while it was sitting on a window ledge.

Bobby brought his fresh kill to the top of a building wall:

After a few minutes he was off, flying to a tree within the park:

It didn't take long after landing in a nearby tree for a mockingbird to dive-bomb him as a bully tactic to usher him away from its nest or territory:

Frustrated with the dive-bombing, Bobby then flew his kill north of the park:

Within a couple of minutes, he decided to deliver the pigeon to his awaiting family:

Pip was intently watching Bobby with the kill:

After Bobby landed on a building top to Pip's left, she soon flew to the building at his side:

The buildings where most of this cavorting happens: 


Bobby having a bit of the pigeon dinner for himself:

Pip was on the building above Bobby, watching him eat and waiting her turn:

Bobby soon had his fill and left the building where he had been eating. Pip and Violet flew to the building next to have their dinner. A bit of a power play over the food (Violet is on the left):

Violet took the food away for herself. I wondered if Violet took the food away to lure Pip into the park but instead, she took the food away to a building in the distance. I don't think she was in the sharing mood after all. Look at how forlorn Pip looks watching her go:

Violet sweeping by neighboring building as she takes her meal to a more remote location:

A few tasty bits were left on the building. Pip enjoyed a snack:

After her dinner, she did a bit of jump-flapping:

Pip soon flew to a neighboring building:

She didn't stay long on her new ledge. She soon jumped and flew to more familiar digs:

After a long day, Bobby enjoyed sunset on the top of a flag pole:

Violet enjoying her dinner alone: