Hawk sightings at last (two videos in this post) - July 24, 2011

There have been numerous and confirmed sightings of our hawk family North of Washington Square Park in recent days. At first I could not be sure if the birds were the same ones I had been following these last few months but I have seen photographic proof that Pip has indeed been seen a few blocks north of the park. 

After taking a break from hawk-watching because of the insufferable heat wave over the last few days, a fellow hawk-watching friend and I trekked around Washington Square Park today to try to find the hawks but to no avail. Knowing the hawks may be seen north of the park, we walked up 5th Avenue in an attempt to track them down. I was fortunate to have spotted these two hawks circling above University Place and about 12th Street (2 blocks South of Union Square Park and about five blocks Northeast of Washington Square Park). I don't know if the two hawks in the video footage below were Bobby or Violet or Pip but I would assume they were two of our Washington Square Park trio.

We headed in the direction of these hawks to see if we could catch another view of them. We were not successful at first so we walked to a block South of Union Square Park and scanned the sky in the hopes of catching sight of at least one of them. We were rewarded with a sighting of a hawk as we looked East of the Park. See the footage here:

The hawk headed Southwest (the general direction toward Washington Square Park) but we lost track of it. We returned to Washington Square Park but saw no hawks the rest of the day. 

It was good to see these hawks (which I will assume are members of our family) and know that even though they are not sticking around Washington Square Park proper, they are still in the general area. I just hope to catch a bona fide sighting of Pip soon!