July 4th is a banner day: Pip is now in the trees!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Today is truly a day to mark the calendars; Pip has now flown into the park, from tree to tree, and back 'home' to the building tops again. She has successfully jumped yet one more hurdle in her development. 

She was confirmed spotted in the trees of Washington Square Park just before 9:30AM this morning. A couple visiting the park last night thought they saw her in the trees then but since we couldn't confirm that, we may have to withhold judgement and just say that she was confirmed to be in the trees today.

Below are the pics I managed to take when I got to the park around 12:45PM today.

Did you ever see when Pip would extend her 'knee' out in a funny position while in the nest? She obviously still likes to hold her legs out in that position. Cute! 

Pip balancing in a new tree before she flies to the next one:

Pip in flight and on her way to her next perch: