No Pip but lots of Violet & Bobby - Sunday, July 3, 2011

It was a rainy, drizzly, gray day most of today. A bunch of us sat or stood around and chatted as we watched Bobby and Violet sit on the same fence for hours today. For a 'normal' non hawk-obsessed person, that may have seemed like a dull way to spend a Sunday in New York City but we remarked to each other that watching the two parents sit as they were was very zen and meditative and soothing. If only you were there to see Bobby's and Violet's dark forms seated high above against a gray, drizzly sky. 

However, the energy level picked up tremendously later in the day around sunset when Bobby flew to the far side of the park to hunt from tree to tree, grass nook to grass nook. We followed him as he hunted until we lost sight of him about an hour later. He was majestic and hugely impressive. He was almost constantly harassed by diving birds chattering away at him. I'll eventually upload the video footage of him hunting in a later post.

Violet sitting on the left-hand side of the rooftop fence:

Bobby on the same fence, overlooking West 4th Street:

Bobby is on the building top fence (3rd post from the right):

Molting Violet has a preen:

Bobby on the hunt in the trees of Washington Square Park: