Pip and Bobby - hunting training lessons - July 9, 2011

Bobby and Pip were found in a fenced-in construction area of the park today. It was clear that Bobby took Pip for hunting lessons. He stayed close by her and would drop to the ground then back to his perch beside her repeatedly. It seemed that he was showing her how to pounce on prey on the ground. Within a couple of minutes, Pip too jumped on the ground and chased a squirrel in the brush. She then flew to another part of the park and sat on the back of a bench. People soon gathered around her and watched while she eyed a tiny mouse under the bench. She decided not to pounce on the mouse and flew to a nearby tree instead. As it was a few days earlier, it was difficult keeping curious people with their cameras back far enough away from her at a respectful distance. 

Pip's apricot bib is starting to fade in color a little:

Pip watching a small mouse in the brush:

The crowd grows larger and bolder: