Pip, Bobby, and Violet - July 18, 2011

It was a hot and hazy day in New York City (as well as the rest of the country so I heard). The high reached 95 with a 'real feel' temperature of 99. So you can well imagine how we few Pipsters and the hawks were coping today. At first I had my doubts that there'd be much of a hawk contingent out but I was pleasantly surprised to see the whole family in action!

Bobby takes to the sky:

Bobby sits atop a flag pole:

Bobby on another perch:

Light on in President Sexton's office. Night time cleaning?

Violet has a seat:

Bobby flies to and lands on one of his favorite perches, One Fifth Avenue:

Bobby flies from One Fifth to Two Fifth Ave:

Bobby landing on the upper right-hand corner of Two Fifth:

Bobby later on at yet another perch:


It was at this point when we heard Pip crying at the buildings at the East side of the park.


Pip flew from an NYU building to a high apartment terrace at Two Fifth Avenue:

Here is miss Pip doing her famous leg stretch:

It got darker and darker. Too dark to film anymore. We were waiting to see if Pip would descend to the trees or another building for the evening but she stayed put. She may have left the terrace before it got too dark but we weren't there to find out.

Good night, Pip!