Hawkless and more than just a little pensive - August 25, 2011

Spending about two hours a night in Washington Square Park with no hawks in sight for days and days got me down today. I haven't been posting as often lately because I couldn't think of yet another way to write, "No hawks seen today". But I'm the type of person who bounces back rather quickly so over the weekend I'll work on uploading some nice Pipness I hadn't posted before.

It became a gorgeous evening today after some earlier rain showers:

Upon the completion of tonight's hawk patrol, I decided to spend the rest of the night exploring the neighborhood. I couldn't resist taking photos of what stole my eye...

Only after looking through tonight's photos while at home did I notice that this building's multicolored brick looked like sedimentary rock layers..  

How we like our horizontal lines and man-made layers, layers, layers...

I'd almost be tempted to search for fossils in this stone but isn't it simply old poured concrete?

Abandoned. What tired man at the end of the day forgot his tired hands' gloves? I hope when he went home he had a nice meal to warm his belly:

Night starts to fall along the park:

A beautiful ending to a perfect summer evening!