No hawks in WSP.. random walk pics - August 20, 2011

Before I became obsessed with the Pip family and photographing them, my blog was primarily a place where I would post photos of what I saw on random walks. Since I did not see any of the hawks while in Washington Square Park this morning, I will simply share what I saw during my meanderings today.

Workers putting up a new mural above Houston Street:

At first I was going to photograph this scene just because of the protected round red sprinkler alarm and standpipe but then noticed a John Derian-esque decoupage art piece affixed to this wall on Bleecker Street. I have no idea who the artist was or why it was put up on this spot other than to provide some whimsy for anyone walking by to discover:

 I like how the city went through all the trouble of bolting down a pointy iron guard to prevent anyone from sitting on the stand pipe: