Pip may have flown the Coop/Co-op

The last time I saw Pip was on August 4th, per my post from that day: http://rogerpaw.blogspot.com/2011/08/pip-and-bobby-union-square-park-august.html

I looked around the blogosphere and saw no mention of any confirmed sightings of her any day after that.

My guess is she has flown the coop. Her departure was to be expected but it's a bit tough at the moment to absorb that possible reality. I feel sad I never got to see her in action hunting, catching, killing and eating her own prey. I have heard rumors that others have seen her do so but there's no confirmation of that (at least I haven't seen proof of that) so my mind is not at rest in that regard.

I trust my fellow Pip lovers will know what I mean when I write our little girl grew so fast and so strong and we are so immensely proud of her.

My hope is that I'm wrong and we will see her at least one more time before the end of the month or during the early part of next month (when most of us heard she was 'due' to leave the area). But if she truly is gone, I have no shame in admitting there is a bittersweet lump in my throat.

I'll continue to photograph Violet and Bobby or any other hawk I come across and post their photos in my blog as I have been. And I'll be compiling and posting video and photo 'out takes' of Pip and her parents I hadn't blogged before so the story is not over yet!

Instead of ending this post by writing, "Good bye, Pip" I'll instead state, "Hope to see you again.. and soon!"