Bobby Briefly - September 13, 2011

After meeting up with several other long-time faithful hawk-watchers in Washington Square Park early this evening, we split up into teams to search for red-tails. I suggested to my partner that we walk along West 3rd Street where Bobby and Violet have been known to perch on occasion. I turned my head to the left for a last glance across West 4th Street when -woah! I think that big bird down the street is a hawk!- Yup, it was Bobby, feasting on a bird. That's how it can be sometimes; a red-tail could be on a brand new perch anywhere in the vicinity and in a blink, you could miss seeing it.

We only got to see him for a few minutes tonight. He flew from the south side of the park, across the park, and at least four blocks north of the park within about six or seven seconds.  

We sat and waited to see if he would return...

... to no avail. But still, how wonderful it was to see him fed and looking well!