Bobby in all his glory - September 8, 2011

As soon as I rounded the corner of West 4th and Sullivan Streets, I saw this hawk (who turned out to be Bobby) atop a familiar flag pole. I gasped as soon as I saw him. This was going to be a good night!

After sitting atop the flag pole for several minutes, he flew to the "hunting grounds" (an area of Washington Square Park still under construction) for a meal. He flew from tree to tree as he scoured the ground below:

After a few misses at various spots, he caught a large rat:

Bobby is seen "mantling", or protectively covering, his prey from others with his wings and shoulders:

He seemed frustrated at first trying to find a proper place to eat but then settled back into the park:

After sawing diligently for a minute, he managed to decapitate the rat. The head was the first part to get eaten:

Defending his prey against curious onlooking/approaching squirrels:

He lost his grip and the rat fell to the ground. He then swooped down to eat it there:

A squirrel hopped onto the bench above Bobby to have a look:

After flying to about two or three more trees, Bobby settled on the arch for a couple of minutes:

He didn't have the rat in his talons while jumping down to a lower perch so my guess is maybe he stored it on the roof for later.

I lost sight of Bobby after he landed in a tree top not 20 feet away. It was amazing how well-camouflaged he was within the leaves. It became too dark to film anyway so it was time to go home. It always feels strange to turn away from a nearby hawk and leave it behind!

World Trade Center's "Tribute in Light" memorial in the distance: