Bobby on the hunt - October 5, 2011

I got a text while I was at work notifying me that a hawk was seen on One Fifth Avenue (a popular perch of Bobby's and which I've showcased many times in this blog). I wasn't able to arrive at the park for at least an hour afterward so not surprisingly, the hawk had already left One Fifth. I circled Washington Square Park a few times before spying Bobby on top of a building to the West of Bobst Library. 

There's Bobby on the tippy top of the building's corner:

He turned in the direction of his favorite hunting ground and took off:

The lighting was not my friend by the time I found him in a tree:

A hint of a member of our red-tailed hawk family is better than nothing at all:

Landing in another tree across the park:

Bobby scans the earth below:

I saw him a few more times flying from tree to tree but eventually lost sight of him. I hope you caught a tasty meal, Bobby!