Hawking will be infrequent over the coming months

I worked a tad later than usual yesterday so couldn't leave the office until 5:48. It was 6:25 when I got off the subway and to the park. By then, it was already too dark to photograph. I did get to see the briefest flash of Bobby fly past a few trees when I reached the outskirts of the park but soon lost him.

Now that it's getting darker sooner, my hawk-watching will probably have to wait until the weekends or the odd work day here and there if I can get out early enough. What I may do from time to time during the week is stop by the park and check if a hawk is in the night-time roost and photograph it to post on the blog later. It would be comforting to know if one or more of the hawks were tucked in for the night.

It's pretty heart-breaking for me that I won't be able to be near and photograph the red-tails so often in the near future. This little hobby has become quite the passion! :-D