Bobby full of surprises and roosting Violet - November 26, 2011

I first spotted Bobby on top of the building Violet has perched on often the last few days:

He flew to his Judson Memorial Church cross perch:

Bobby is the bird on the left. A rising pigeon is on the right:

He surprised me by perching on a building much further west than I'm used to finding him. I'd seen him fly far west before but never perching that far west so this new perch was a bit of a treat to see:

He was gone for about half an hour. I next saw him chasing a flock of pigeons by the arch. He may have just been messing with them because he didn't pursue any particular bird to kill. He then swooped back to Judson Memorial Church:

He went back to the first building I saw him on:

He surprised me again by landing behind an outer rim (a rain gutter?) of a nearby building instead of on the rim itself. Instead, he tucked his whole body within it:

I had to wonder if perhaps the area was a food storage or drop-off place but since I did not see him leave or pick food up on this occasion, I am only speculating.  It was curious why he landed and stayed in there for several long seconds.

I was done following Bobby about from one side of the park to the other and since I got the call that Violet was at the roost, I ventured over to see her:


Moving from a higher bar to a lower one: