Is you is or is you ain't my Bobby? November 25, 2011

It almost seemed as though Bobby was being coy with me on Friday the 25th in Washington Square Park. For instance, I'd see him in the western side of the park. As soon as I got close enough to photograph him, he'd fly all the way to the eastern side of the park. I'd go east, he'd go west. It was enough to make me wonder out loud, "Is you is or is you ain't my Bobby?" And so it went until roosting time.

Bobby was in clear view on a favored flag pole perch as I came near the park:

I saw him fly to the building top Violet had eaten a meal on the night before:

Violet was sitting near the edge of the roof:

She noticed his arrival:

Bobby perched in the evening roost for a minute then back toward Violet's perch:

He then landed in a park tree top across the street from her:

Violet watched him the whole time:

After a few minutes she flew from her perch to another at the opposite end of the park:

She landed on the corner of a building she spent much time on the last couple of days:


I stood and watched Violet for about half an hour or more. She didn't look like she was going to leave her perch any time soon so thankfully, Bobby reappeared. My friend thought he saw a flash of him in the distance so we walked to where he may be. A gentleman approached us and asked if we were looking for the hawk. We said yes and he kindly pointed Bobby out to us:

Bobby flew to the opposite side of the park:

Violet was still stationed on her perch:

I went to the western side of the park only to have Bobby fly back to the eastern side:

I caught up with him for a few seconds before he again flew to the opposite side of the park from me:

He was soon off to the other side of the park again:


She left her long-time perch and soared directly to the night-time roost for the evening:

Bobby too flew to a night perch for the night:

He went to a tree he and Violet shared as a night-time roost a couple of weeks earlier. Since then, many of the leaves had fallen and the tree was quite bare so instead of staying in that tree, he hopped to a more leafy one next to it and tucked in for the night. 

His new, leafy, camouflaging tree to sleep in:

Since Bobby was settled in for the night, I went to Violet's roost to bid her good night: