Lively Bobby and a Violet flyby - November 6, 2011

Bobby appeared out of nowhere and headed straight to his perch atop Judson Memorial Church. He then left for several minutes only to return to the church cross once more.

He flew over the park square but too quickly for me to capture on film. Within about half an hour, he returned to his cross perch:

Starlings burst upon the scene and circled around him briefly like sparks or satellites:

Bobby prepares to fly into the park's trees:

The sight and experience of him flying overhead was simply overwhelming and wonderful.

He flew to a patch of open lawn behind me and snatched at something in the grass. He was on the lawn for only a couple of seconds and didn't seem to catch what he was groping for.

Violet flew overhead as well but was never seen landing in the trees. She did fly low as if to land on a branch but we missed where she may have perched. We checked on the night roost for a while but no one showed up this evening. 

Because of daylight savings time, I won't be able to look for the hawks after work during the week. Instead, my hawk-watching will occur on weekends. Here's to the ending of an era until spring!