Tuesday with Bobby and Violet - November 22, 2011

The moment I got to Washington Square Park, Bobby flew directly to the antenna perch the red-tailed hawks favored yesterday. It felt rather like a welcoming committee!

I didn't want to get directly underneath Bobby's perch because of the risk of losing sight of him should he fly. I stayed where I was (in the open square of the park) so I could track him if he came in my direction and to the trees or the Judson Memorial Church cross.

Nearby pigeons:

Pigeons on the arch:

The nest is holding up nicely:

Bobby preens:

The worker you see on the lower level had no idea the huge raptor was above him:

Some Canada Geese flew overhead:

Bobby left his perch and flew behind his building toward the northeast. I looked for him on nearby buildings he'd been known to perch on but I had no luck finding him. I did get to see another flock of geese though:

Turning back toward the park, I checked the antenna perch again and this time, Violet was on one of the antennas:

She did not stay long before flying south. Thankfully, she was easy to find again:

She flew overhead and around the corner toward the park. It was turning into an intense game of hawk and seek (especially since it was starting to drizzle as predicted for the area). There wasn't much time before incoming rain showers would put an end to my hawk-watching for the day so I had to find her quickly. Thankfully, I spotted Violet on a building along the park:

Balancing on her one good foot:

I stepped underneath her to get a closer look:

I backed up to get a larger view of her to catch where she may go next.

She did fly toward me and continued west. I searched the nearby buildings for about half an hour but the rain got heavy so I took shelter. The shower was not letting up as I heard it would so after an hour of waiting, I gave up the ghost and went home. Tomorrow will be very wet in New York City so the next chance I'll have to look for the hawks will be Thanksgiving. :)