Violet and Bobby close together - November 27, 2011

Update: I had originally only posted a few photos from Sunday, my last visit to Washington Square Park. I recently added all the photos intended for this post (see below). It is now complete. 

Bobby watching scattering pigeons below him:

After a little bit of preening, Bobby looked across some trees then flew instantly to his target:

He caught a rat:

A nearby squirrel taunted him as soon as he landed so Bobby reared back and charged it a couple of steps:

He and Violet flew to a nearby building top to eat his meal. One of the hawks: 

They used the building top as a dining platform and sat together for a few minutes before separating:


Bobby and Violet then shared the same tree. Violet is on the higher branch. You can make out Bobby's wing on the lower branch:


She eventually took off and flew around the corner from the park for the day (not to be seen again during my visit):

Bobby on his own again:

He cocked his head curiously to the side to have a better listen to a young man's rolling skateboard:

Bobby flew north past the arch and out of sight for the rest of the evening:

Sea gulls flying in V formation: