Bashful Bobby and Rosie on deck - December 30, 2011

Bobby was not in the park during my visit on the 30th. He was probably hanging out in the Union Square Park area. I missed seeing him but was awed by Rosie's appearance.

I scanned the park for the hawks with other hawk-watchers but we saw nothing until a fellow hawk-watcher called to say he saw a hawk being chased by a peregrine falcon in the sky north of us. It was Rosie. She landed on a tower set back from the park. It must have provided a great vantage point for her. She sat on the tower for about forty minutes before descending to the trees.

A peregrine on its now regular perch (one that Pip and Violet used to share):

Starlings on the cross:

Rosie swooped down to the park. I could hear squirrels uttering their creaky door warning sounds to each other but I could not find her. Suddenly, one of our hawk-watching group members saw her and ran in her direction. I still couldn't see her. A park regular saw me searching and asked me if I was looking for the hawk. I said yes so he pointed her out to me. Thank you!

She only took a couple of bites before leaving the rat on the tree. 

She went to a new branch to wipe her beak:

Off to a new perch (bit of the arch on the right):

Picking at and cleaning a talon:

More cleaning (blood still on her feet) while soaking up the last rays of sunlight:

That incomparable face:

Tucking into a side window at Bobst library. She was completely hidden from view when perched:

Perched at the Silver building:

A peregrine soon harassed her:

Peregrine on the cross:

Rosie flew north and out of sight for the rest of the day. Perhaps she went to join Bobby for the night?

Park Christmas tree still twinkling: