Central Park red-tailed hawk does The Plaza - December 22, 2011

Seems one of my office's local red-tailed hawks and I had our lunches around the same time Thursday because when I found it after my lunch break at the outskirts of Central Park, it had a nice full crop; indicating it had eaten a big meal shortly beforehand.

This photo was included to show the rounded shape of its engorged crop:

Solow Building (9 West 57th St.) in the background, The Plaza (Fifth Ave at Central Park South) in the foreground:

Flying toward the Crown Building's grand finial (730 Fifth Avenue):

Soaring past The Plaza:

Crown Building:

Coming in for a landing at The Plaza:

Balled foot:

The king of all it surveys:

Starlings nearby singing brightly:

Elmo and Cookie Monster enjoyed a stroll in the park: