Red-tailed hawk & Cooper's Hawk, Tompkins Square Park - December 17, 2011

I visited Tompkins Square Park in the East Village early Saturday afternoon in the hopes of seeing its resident hawks Tommy or Evie. The male was nicknamed Tommy as a take on the name Tompkins. I nicknamed the female hawk Evie in honor of her being a resident of the East Village.

I stayed at TSP for about an hour before venturing to Washington Square Park to look for its resident red-tailed hawks. I spotted Evie easily since the sky was bright and there were hardly any leaves left on the trees. I believe it was her anyway because of her large size and lighter feather coloration. I overheard one park visitor tell another that he saw her eat a rat a few minutes beforehand.

Evie's nice full crop bulging out, showing she just had a big meal:

Talon on her left foot gracefully draped over a little twig:

I then saw what looked like a very small version of Tommy hawk. Its eyes were light-colored, its chest feather pattern more regular than variegated, and its tail was heavily-barred so I was confused as to whether it was instead a juvenile red-tailed hawk or not. It turns out it was a Cooper's Hawk:

Evie seemed to glance at it once in a while but paid no more attention to it. She must have figured it was not a threat to her territory so she rather ignored it:

The Cooper's Hawk:


Eyes in mid-blink:

One eye winking:

A turkey vulture soared overhead:

It found some friends to soar with:


Cooper's Hawk:

It was freezing cold out and time to head to Washington Square Park to find Bobby and/or Violet so I left the two mellow hawks behind.