Sunday in the park with Bobby and Violet - December 18, 2011


Warning: Some graphic rat feast photos below:

Feaking, or cleaning off his beak after his meal:

Violet appeared to watch over the park from a distance:

Bobby flew to the area of the park nicknamed The Hunting Grounds or Quantico since it was where he trained Pip how to chase prey:

Violet joined Bobby then tried hunting herself. Violet is on the left in the photo below:

Violet in the grass:

She was unsuccessful at killing or eating so flew to nearby perches before going to the Red Roost Inn for the night:

Bobby went to the roost first:


Bobby moved to another rung of his roost:

Violet flew to the roost:

Violet on her perch at the roost:

Bobby looking down at Violet:

Violet on her low rung: