Sweet Violet has passed away

Violet passed away early this afternoon. Cathy Horvath called me while I was in Washington Square Park with the news and she posted the update on the WINORR facebook page: 

"We are extremely heart sick to have to announce to everyone that Violet has passed away . She came through the surgery very well . She woke up and was sitting up fluffing her feathers . All of a sudden she had a heart attack . the Vet did CPR on her for 20 minutes to no avail. xrays showed that at some point after her right foot had deteriorated , her left femur was broken . we don't know how she ever survived for as long as she did . We are somewhat relieved that at least Violet wasn't suffering alone somewhere . She was warm, peaceful and had a full belly and pain medication .We just couldn't get her in time."

I am extremely grateful to the Horvaths for the loving care they provided for Violet. She couldn't have been in a more gentle, loving environment.

Please do visit the WINORR facebook page and share your tribute to Violet. I am sure Cathy 
and Bobby Horvath would appreciate the support and well-wishes.

She was such a strong and beautiful mother and I will always treasure her in my heart. 

With love always for Violet,