Video of Violet eating her medicine in a mouse

You do not need to have a facebook account to see the video of Violet in WINORR's latest entry. Some mac users may have to install a flash component to see the video. I did. It only took seconds to install.

Per Cathy Horvath in an email to me earlier this morning, "This is Violet eating her medication. I cut a mouse into 3 pieces and put her pain meds in one piece and her antibiotic pill in another piece. She is a very good patient!"

She is eating mice on her own but getting hand-fed the bits with the medication to ensure she is getting her meds.

Keep checking their facebook page for more up-to-date news on Violet and other animals they rescue and rehabilitate. They have great stories and photos there.

Here's a recent photo of Violet courtesy of Cathy Horvath:

Because this story has become so big, several pop-up fundraising groups have publicized their sites and facebook pages as places to send money for Violet's care. I personally feel the money should go directly to WINORR. I'm sure the sites and kind fund-raising folks out there are legitimate but giving financial assistance directly to the Horvaths through WINORR has given me the most peace of mind.

Their address is:

202 N. Wyoming Avenue
N. Massapequa, NY 11758

Video interview from the Daily News with the Horvaths (with shots of Violet):