Violet and Bobby in Washington Square Park - December 17, 2011

Bobby atop One Fifth Avenue:

A few flocks of Canada Geese made their way over the park today:

Bobby nearly got into a tiff with another bird once he flew off his perch at One Fifth:

Both Bobby and Violet flew into the nest. You can see Violet entering the nest window below:

Bobby soon followed her inside:

Bobby exiting the nest:

Bobby on Judson Memorial Church cross:

He first landed atop Bobst Library:

Bobby fending off a kestrel:

Bobby left that building to find respite across the park:

Bobby made his way to one of his favorite terrace perches:

He then swooped around to a different perch at the same building:

Violet made her way across the sky:

Another large flock of passing geese:


I'd seen Violet perched at the exact same corner before.

Bobby flew into the trees below and then circled that area of the park:

With all the flying about, I missed Bobby delivering a rat to Violet (or perhaps he left it for her somewhere a while before but she did end up with it). 

This is what I gathered from Bobby's behavior.. he was making himself obvious by circling above the area of the park where Violet had her food. He then lured a kestrel to where he was sitting atop Bobst library (in open view of any birds in the area). The kestrel dive-bombed him repeatedly. He stayed put so that Violet could eat in peace. It was a great experience to witness this protective behavior of his.

Bobby landing atop Bobst Library:

Violet with her rat meal:

She flew to another tree with her prey:

Unfortunately, because of having only one good foot, she dropped the rat to the ground:

She took her turn circling our area of the park several times:

Bobby made his way back to the building with his favorite terrace railings:


She circled around overhead and then flew in Bobby's direction:

Violet joined Bobby on his new terrace perch:

Violet is on the upper railing:

Bobby left the terrace perch and landed in the trees in the park below:

Bobby then returned to the side of the park where she had dropped her food.

She followed him to that side of the park and returned to her dropped prey. 

Violet and her rat:

She raised part of it up a few times but did not eat any of it. It may have been because Bobby distracted her by landing near her to hunt and then flying to a nearby tree. She stopped trying to eat the rat and joined him at his tree.

Violet on the left, Bobby on the right:

Bobby and Violet went their separate ways.

Violet in a new tree:

Bobby in his new tree:

Bobby tried hunting again but without success:

Violet looks on:

Bobby made his way to a perch near the illuminated Washington Square Park arch:

Violet headed off to the night-time roost:

Obligatory shot of the Washington Square Park Christmas Tree while I was rushing to the roost:

Violet was at the night-time roost for the rest of the evening: