View of Red-Tailed Hawk nest from below

I took a walk over to Washington Square Park to photograph the red-tailed hawks' nest from below. The nest is located on a 12th floor library window ledge. 

It was easy enough to see the nest from the park below but not easy to photograph it well considering the angle and height of the nest. I do hope the nest is safe at its current location. All signs indicate it is. For example, the overhang above the nest is providing shelter from the rain and the nest is tucked tightly against the ledge corner. I just hope a big gust of wind doesn't move the nest at all.

The eggs should be hatching any day now!

Red-tailed hawks Bobby & Violet, Washington Square Park (NYC)

Maybe you're one of the thousands of people watching the live footage of the red-tailed hawks Bobby and Violet as they incubate their three eggs in their nest above Washington Square Park.

Link to the hawk cam here:

I keep a running window open during work and at home.

The eggs will hatch any day!

I've been going a little screen shot crazy watching the birds carry on. 

Can't wait til the babies appear!!!

So smart of them to have a newspaper in the nest! Soft and heat-retaining.

This isn't a crack in the front egg but an errant feather on top:

Mama, please don't leave the eggs alone for too long again! Makes me so nervous!

Animals along the way

I sought to take a walk and collect photos of animals on building facades today. My walk was brief but I found some goodies! These creatures were seen along lower Broadway and the Lower East Side.

The copper at the top of this building looks new! No patina in sight. I'll try to remember to keep an eye on its states of weathering in the near future:

Mars Bar facade update (April 21, 2011)

Walked by Mars Bar late this afternoon when I spotted this lone worker/artist updating the facade. I asked him if the image of the modern building was meant to depict what will take the current building's place when it's torn down. He said something to the effect of, "Kinda, yeah". A man of few words but quite the cutie! Looking at the images, you can tell it's of the windows of nearby Cooper Square Hotel (just one of the many incongruous buildings that selfish developers built on the beloved Bowery; demolishing historic buildings in its wake).

He showed me where someone had ripped part of the piece last night (the bastards). He was repairing it and said he was thinking of putting the paper mural up pretty high. I said that sounded like a good idea. I asked when the building was scheduled to get torn down and he said probably June. I told him I thought that was terrible and asked him if I could take photos of the work and he said sure. I should have introduced myself but I was feeling shy and all but found it to be a cool neighborly conversation.

New Mars Bar mural, April 17 2011

I'm not sure how often the mural on the side of Mars Bar is painted (every month?). But it's rather frequent. Here's the mural as it was this weekend when I passed by. Pretty cool that the parked cars echoed the color schemes. Enjoy the murals while you can before the building is torn down for new luxury apartment development. :(

Mars Bar, 25 East 1st Street (at 2nd Avenue):

Allen Street & East Houston Street - 1934 v today

 1934 (when the elevated railroad was in place):

And then... throughout the nineties (maybe earlier?) and early 2000's:

Today (April 17, 2011):

1st Avenue & Houston Street - 1942 v Today

1942 (when the elevated railroad was still in place):

Today (I don't know who the woman is but her bearing was so nice, I had to use the photo with her in it):

OLD SCHOOL Lower East Side, NYC

You can't get much more OLD SCHOOL than these photos of East Houston Street and surrounding blocks of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. I found these gems while perusing old photos on the New York Public Library's website:

Same-ish view of the photo on the lower-right today??

NYC Subway Track Maps (not route maps)

This site is cool. It shows you maps of subway tracks (not route maps but track maps) in Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. I love that we are able to have a peek at what goes beyond our sightline while on the subway platform.

This bit is special to me since it shows how the tracks are laid out in the East Village/Lower East Side (my neck of the woods). You'll have to click on the picture to see it in good detail:

If only we could take guided tours of abandoned rail lines!

La MaMa Galleria visit, 04/03/11

I've walked by this gallery many times at 6 East 1st Street (bet. 2nd Ave & Bowery). Here's a link to their site:

Today I stopped in and was greeted by the sweet young man behind the front desk. I asked and he said it was ok for me to take photos of the work. The exhibit was a one-artist display of Virginia Poundstone's "Pumping Liquidity into the System". It was a great mix of nature against the backdrop of slightly-decayed and graffitied man-made structures (a favorite theme of mine!). The artist set photos of nature onto vinyl and steel and set them in concrete. She also strategically placed prints of greenery against backdrops of the graffitied Nada Tunnel (located in Kentucky). These were really cool pieces and I was glad I finally took a look around this gallery. The exhibit ends on April 9 so check it out soon!