Pip Sighting! Watch her fly! June 30, 2011

It was comical the way we found Pip tonight. She was on top of the same building she had been on since the day she fledged. We were so busy watching Bobby on top of the American Flag pole. All of a sudden I noticed a small shape of something dark and different between two structures on the building's roof and I cried out, "Ooh!" Within a millisecond, she began to move and make herself more obvious. She caught a gust of wind which carried her aloft and to the top of the antenna dish Violet has been favoring. Within several seconds she flew.. FLEW(!) from her perch atop the dish, across the street, and to the roof of the first building on the other side.

Bobby Flying off NYU Building - June 29, 2011

Here is a brief glimpse of Bobby as he takes off from a perch high atop an NYU building overlooking Washington Square Park. The light from the setting sun really made his amber feathers glow, didn't it?

Bobby and Violet Perched Together - June 29, 2011

Violet and Bobby like to sit on this particular building which overlooks Washington Square Park. Luckily for me, they decided to perch near each other at the same time.

No Pip today but plenty of Bobby and Violet - June 29, 2011

Sorry, we tried, but we did not see Pip today. Several of us fanned out in a buddy system to traverse the few blocks by Pip's newest building hangout and scanned rooftops and cornices for any sign of Pip. We returned to our meeting point with no results. 

While I was there, we did see Bobby and Violet soaring and perching which indicated Pip's vicinity but she never showed her darling face. I'm sure she's fine. If she were injured or lost, her parents would have displayed signs of stress. 

In the meantime, here are shots of Bobby and Violet I took today. It was great to catch them during sunset.

Pip Balances on Scaffolding - June 28 2011

Still learning how to navigate around her new world, Pip had to think quick to figure out how to get off of an unstable scaffolding perch. As you'll see, she made it off the scaffolding netting without a hitch. Good job, Pip! In the background you hear some fellow hawk watchers watch the drama unfold. :)

Pip Preens on Scaffolding - June 28 2011

Pip was spotted on some scaffolding on a building by Washington Square Park this evening. She was seemingly relaxed enough to preen and stretch at this spot before moving on to a new perch. The sun was setting at the time and the light cast a wonderful glow upon her feathers. 

Pip Sighting - new playground for little Pip - June 28, 2011

Today we spotted Pip on a new building top near the park. She was relaxing on some scaffolding before she began to explore the new area for a few minutes. At a few points some kestrels harassed her with some near dive-bombs but she took it in stride. She only seemed slightly annoyed. She meandered to other areas of her building top and stopped from time to time to preen and stretch.

We did see one of the parents (we think Bobby) swooping over the park and the couple of buildings she's discovered over the last few days. Although at times we didn't see either of the parents, it was obvious they always had their eye on her because eventually, one of her parents swooped to her new building to join her and then lure some kestrels away. It was already too dark to continue photographing and video recording at this point so we fellow hawk-watchers bid each other goodnight.

As Pip explores larger areas, it is becoming more difficult to locate her. Don't be surprised if I get no footage from time to time. In those cases, I'll upload bonus footage from previous visits.

Down yonder sits a young red-tailed hawk:

A preen at sunset:

Off to a new ledge:

Don't worry, Pip is sitting behind the net scaffolding, not within:

Yet another hop and flap to a new perch:

Good night, Pip.

A Quick Thank You to YOU!

I want to thank everyone for supporting me and encouraging me as I continue to provide updates on Pip's status. Updating this blog and visiting the park on a daily basis is definitely turning out to be a labor of love.

I know how frustrating and worrisome it must be for those of you who don't live in NY and can't find out first-hand how the family is doing now that Pip has fledged. Like so many of you, I became addicted to watching the hawks on the web cam and became increasingly emotionally involved with the birds' status. Trust me, this is a safe place to share your obsessed love for these birds!

Thanks again to everyone for leaving such lovely comments and for sharing the delight I feel when spotting the hawks in person during our Pip Patrols and meet-ups. :)

All the best,

Pip Eating Dinner - June 27, 2011

A few of us hawk-watchers were lucky to see Pip enjoy a late afternoon meal. We did not see either of the parents drop off the food. Pip has been seen at least twice eating at this particular spot on a building along Washington Square Park over the last three days. She seems to like it as a dinner table. As an FYI, she has not hunted on her own yet or flown into the park. Right after eating, she left her table and disappeared for the rest of my visit. 

The meal lasted roughly eight minutes but I edited the footage down to the length you see here for file size's sake. Footage taken Monday, June 27th, 2011.

Violet and Bobby, Sunday June 26, 2011

Pip didn't appear much on Sunday but Bobby and Violet were in plain view most of the day. We got to see them engage of lots of soaring and sitting. Most of the soaring was done by Bobby when he was luring dive-bombing kestrels away from Pip. They weren't a threat to Pip; but they were too close for comfort I suppose and so Bobby led them far away from her whereabouts. They were dive-bombing him and yelling at him for minutes at a time either because he and Violet were near their own nest or were within their personally-set territory. Since following the hawk family, I've seen so many other birds vocally and physically protecting their own little pipsters. Despite Bobby's and Violet's massive bodies and power in relation to them, the other little birds did not hesitate to bully B and V. Such is the power of a parent's love.

Violet with an errant feather poking from her head:

Violet and Bobby enjoy perching on the roof of this NYU building. It offers a great view of the park and Pip's location:

One of the hawks on top of an antenna (cellular? Satellite?). Another favorite perch:

Pip, Sunday June 26th, 2011

I only saw Pip for a few minutes today but oh, was it worth it. She looked so bold and tall on her building perch.