Bobby after the rain storm - September 29, 2011

It was pouring rain almost all afternoon today so I didn't expect to get the chance to visit Washington Square Park to look for hawks before going to an event this evening. 

But the rain stopped a few minutes before I left work so I high-tailed it to the park. Lucky thing I did too because as soon as I got out of the subway station, I saw Bobby seated atop Judson Church's cross. Yes!

I just got word that he was seen seated atop the cross throughout the entire rainstorm (around 4:00PM this afternoon)! Remarkable!

I only saw Bobby for five minutes but it was a gleeful five for me. He flew out of sight and seemed to descend to the tree tops but I never saw him again despite searching for about an hour with two other faithful Pipsters.

Missed a hawk by two hours - September 28, 2011

A hawk was reported seen at the north end of Washington Square Park at 4:10PM but I didn't manage to see any hawks during my stroll around the park two hours later. Better luck Friday, the next time I'm able to go a-hawking.

Looks like the fiery fall foliage has peaked in the park:

Nighty night:

Hawkness at last - September 27, 2011

After a few days of no red-tailed hawk sightings, I spotted Bobby flying in lazy circles above the East side of Washington Square Park this evening.

One of two peregrines who joined in the circling (Bobby is on the right):

He flew off the building and toward his evening roost just before I could focus in on him. Goodnight, Bobby.

It's definitely looking like autumn in the park now:

Chrysler Building looking eerie in the haze:

Abetta Boiler & Welding SALSA!

Footage from September 9, 2011. It was a real treat to come across this scene of authentic NYC while on my walk home that evening.

Weekend walkies

It rained just about all day on Friday to the chagrin of all the local birds:

On Saturday the clouds broke. Washington Square Park on this first day of autumn:

In New York, found objects are often placed on railings so they can be easily spotted if their owners retrace their steps in search of them. In this case, a little girl's rain coat was so placed:

However, whoever dropped this fuzzy collar may not want to go back for it:

Oooh, the "Interceptor III".. a tough name..

..if it weren't on such a rinky dink three-wheeled vehicle (NYPD parking enforcement vehicle):

Gray sky sets in again over the city:

a single rain drop: