Sunday fun with Bobby - October 30, 2011

Sunday was a big day of following Bobby throughout Washington Square Park as he hunted for dinner. It was full of action as you'll see from all the photos. He made several close flybys as I photographed and filmed. It was pretty incredible and awe-inspiring.

Some snow still dappling the ground:

A lady in period dress.. I saw no cameras around so thought this was curious. There were a couple of other people in period costume. It did not look Halloween-related:

White-throated sparrow:

It was very snacky:

House sparrow taking a bath:

Golden-crowned kinglet in flight:

Bobby swoops across the sky:

Bobby flew onto a tree in the "hunting grounds":

Empire State Building on the right, classic water tower on the left:

Bobby off to another perch (part of chain-link fence in the shot):

Bobby with a mouse or rat kill:

One of our hawks on the second rung of the nightly roost instead of the usual top one! It was too dark to tell who the hawk was exactly: