Bobby and Rosie still not quite romantic - January 8, 2012

From today's adventure in Washington Square Park, it seemed as though Rosie was more interested in palling around than Bobby was. They perched and ate separately but during the later part of the day Rosie followed Bobby around from tree to tree while he didn't seem to be all that interested in hanging out closely with her.

Rosie and Bobby closer to the center of the park than usual:



Rosie taking off in a new direction as well:

Bobby at the western side of the park:

He decided to fly a little further north:

Rosie at her new perch outside Judson Memorial Church:

Spot the hawk:

A dark squirrel chastised her for a couple of minutes before returning to his box:

Bobby decided to get a bit closer to Rosie's tree:


Rosie in the foreground, Bobby in the tree behind:

A disinterested peregrine flew overhead then out of sight:

Canada Geese made their way over the park:

Rosie ventured to the closed off area of the park to enjoy a rat:

Bobby stayed put for a few more minutes:

He eventually made his way to her neck of the woods and sat above her.


She flew to the ground and ate a bit of her meal there:

She eventually flew to a tree but not for long before moving to another one:

A squirrel was relaxing nearby (completely safe and unseen by the hawks):

Rosie flew to Bobby's branch with her food:

He only stayed for a minute before getting a bit away from her:

He flew to a tree a little further north:

Rosie flew with her food even further north than he and left the rat on a branch:

You can just see the rat on the left:

She flew back to Bobby's general direction but to a separate tree:

Bobby flew to the vicinity she had only just flown away from:

He is perched in the upper branch in the photo below. Rosie didn't want to be alone anymore apparently and flew to his tree:

She is on the left, he on the right:

He gave himself a little more space by flying a bit further from her:



Bobby flew closer to the rat she had left on the branch:

Rosie watched him:

Bobby now with her old rat:

She joined him at the new tree:

Bobby took off with her rat:

She gave chase:

Bobby took the rat to another tree to eat. He is on the right, she on the left:

She left his side and went back north:

She kept her eyes on him:

Bobby enjoying the rat meal:

It's not clear if she left the rat for him or he simply took the leftovers since he was hungry and didn't feel like hunting:

She approached him from the north. He bristled at her approach.


She landed on a branch overlooking his station:

She decided to leave the park for the evening:

She flew south on MacDougal Street, a path she'd taken another night in the recent past:

She disappeared when rounding the corner past the illuminated window below:

Bobby continued his meal and enjoyed it for a while. He must have been pretty hungry:

He too decided to tuck in for the night so left his dinner table and found another tree to sleep in:

He landed in a tree I'd not seen him in before. It was at a location tucked away from the park but still in view of it:

It was lovely to discover him in his new secret roost. He settled in nicely so I bid him goodnight and went home.