Bobby and Rosie's easy Saturday - January 7, 2012

Bobby and Rosie had an easy day of it in the park on Saturday. Rosie ate some leftovers instead of having to hunt too hard and Bobby perched and soared a bit but did not hunt either. 

They had those of us on the ground rushing around following them only because they cover so much territory during their few seconds of flight. A rather fun time was had by all.

I didn't see either of the hawks until 2:40:

One hawk atop 2 Fifth Ave, another coming in for a swoop:

Rosie enjoying soft morsels inside a stiff rat body:

Talon deep inside the rat:

The longest rat tail I've ever seen:

She spit out some fuzzy bits. At first I thought maybe I had photographed some dust on the lens by mistake but no, it was rat fur she was spitting out:

Extra light invaded my lens but I like the effect it made:

We watched as Rosie flew over 2 Fifth Avenue but not swoop around as expected. We wondered if maybe she landed on the roof or at the back of the building. After a while she reemerged with a piece of roofing in her beak. She brought it to the nest as part of its fortification:

Bobby relaxing in a tree nearby:

Rosie heading to a building at the northwest corner of the park:

Bobby still in his tree:

He then soared above the park a few times then landed on the corner of a building at the far northeastern side of the park:

Her at her post almost directly opposite the park from him:

She flew further north but still along the western side of the park:

Looking down at a rat left on an air conditioner directly below:

Retrieval of the rat:

They both disappeared from sight for the rest of the day. I stationed myself at the night-time roost in case one or both of them came by to tuck in but no such luck.