Brief Tompkins Square Park hawk visit - January 1, 2012

I started my day by visiting Tompkins Square Park in the hopes of seeing one of its resident red-tailed hawks. Tompkins Square Park is about eight blocks east of Washington Square Park depending on which route you take.

The buildings around TSP are much lower than around Washington Square Park:

I met a local regular hawk-watcher who was already watching a hawk:

It was a visiting, non-resident juvenile. Apparently, it'd been seen in the park before with a couple of other juveniles. The other two were swiftly run out of the park by the resident female.

The Tompkins Square Park juvenile was so snowy and gorgeous. It was a shame I didn't get  better shots of it before it disappeared chasing pigeons over a building overlooking the park:

It didn't look like it would return any time soon so I headed west to visit the Washington Square Park hawks.