Report for January 3rd, 2012

A few intrepid hawk-watchers braved the cold and the wind a few hours yesterday to see what the Washington Square Park red-tailed hawks were up to.

JumpFlapper wrote to me with these details from her report:

- Rosie was the main hawk in the park. Bobby showed up later but not for nearly as long. Rosie zipped around the park in her usual way (I do believe the park must be some kind of fun new playground for her what with all the different perches and hunting spots still to discover - RP).

- Rosie went to the nest a couple of times and later caught and ate a rat in a part of the park still closed for renovation.

- Bobby appeared later in the afternoon on a terrace at 2 Fifth Avenue ("the wind blowing his skirts/trousers up making him totally fluffy, his feathers going every which way" - JF).  

- Bobby then selected an apartment building air conditioner to sit on (one he'd sat on before).  From there Bobby watched Rosie eating her rat.

- Rosie soared a lot, held aloft by the winds. "At one point she tried to settle on the topmost fence on the roof of Silver.  It was very amusing because she couldn't get settled - the wind kept blowing her directly up off the fence railing. After that happened about 3 times she decided to bag Silver for the day.  Rosie is surely one very entertaining red-tailed hawk" - JF

Thank you so much for sharing that report and allowing me to share it on my blog, JumpFlapper! It's so great to know what the hawks are doing while I am away at work and to be able to share their activities with so many other people. I may have to start bringing a thermos of hot cocoa for me and my hawk-watching mates to enjoy over the next several chilly weeks.