Hawk report from the last few days

Thanks go to JumpFlapper for filling me in on the Washington Square Park hawks' activities during the week:

- Monday the 16th: Rosie was calmer than usual. Toward the end of the day, she caught a large rat in the brush. She ate most of it on the ground where she had caught it before she took the remaining portion to a tree to eat. Those watching her heard the rat cry out as it died. Bobby joined Rosie on her branch and took what was left of the rat. It was thought that she had given it to him/allowed him to take it. Bobby brought the rat to a new location, eating it while seated atop a familiar light on a building roof. Bobby then flew to a different building before roosting at one of his favored trees. Rosie was not seen again after leaving the tree where the rat handoff to Bobby occurred.

- Tuesday the 17th: The hawks were not seen much but at the end of the day, Bobby roosted at the Red Roost Inn while Rosie was seen flying to her mystery roost which exists somewhere on MacDougal Street, south of the park.

- Wednesday the 18th: Rosie was back to her rambunctious self, flying every which way in park. She did not eat anything but she did fly low over and into the trees all throughout the hawk watchers' visit. Rosie eventually headed south to her MacDougal Street roost just before 5:00PM. Bobby was not seen in the park during JumpFlapper's visit.